Saturday, September 6, 2008

Google releases new browser, Oracle's direction unclear

Years ago when Netscape's Marc Andreessen declared his browser to be the successor to Microsoft's Windows, Bill Gates was understandably concerned. Microsoft proceeded to obliterate Netscape based on that fear and Windows' dominance on the desktop was safe once again......until now.

Google has been slowly guiding us toward a model of applications delivered over the internet via a browser and has now taken a giant leap in that direction by releasing their own browser, Google Chrome. Chrome is available for download from that location.

The browser has Google's distinctive minimal, uncluttered look.

Figure 1 Google Chrome after initial install

Word out of Denver is that they are aware of the new browser but no clear direction has been decided. It took a while for Oracle to support Firefox on EnterpriseOne and I imagine the same can be said for Chrome support.

Google has very clearly sent a signal to the technology world and Denver would do well to listen.

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