Monday, October 5, 2009

JDE E1 Technical Task Force - 8.98.2 Notes

Notes from the recent JDE E1 Technical Task Force call about Tools Release 8.98.2:

Platform enhancements

New support for the following:

Fusion Middleware

Windows 7 (Only with IE8)

11g R2 (only on Linux)

WebLogic 10.3.1 (Linux 5 64 bit)

WAS Portal 6.1

Fusion Middleware release

Officially released on July 1, 2009

Only RHEL and OEL are supported for 8.98.2, other platforms will be supported in 8.98.3

Notice which platforms are being supported first

Oracle WebLogic 10.3.1 release

Oracle WebLogic is replacing OAS (yep, you read that right)

Embeded HTTP server

Supports JDK 1.6

Sun JDK recommended for development use

Oracle Jrockit for production

Jrockit is a JVM optimized for Intel

No support for clustering yet

Clustering support in 8.98.3

Server Manager enhancements

Web Logic support

Manual hacks to get SM ready for WebLogic

Setup required in WebLogic Admin console prior to SM install (similar to WAS)

8.98.3 can be expected sometime around the spring

Some random thoughts:

  • 8.98.2 is an announcement release intended for OpenWorld. I get the feeling that this release was pushed so Denver would have an impact announcement there.
  • The continued platform enhancements are a good sign that Denver is back in front of the curve on support for 3rd party products. This slipped a bit in recent years but it appears that resources are being allocated to ensure that support is timely.
  • No surprise that Linux and Oracle products are the first supported. If anyone thinks that Microsoft or IBM products are going to be supported first, I have this bridge...
  • Denver insists that WebSphere support is in no danger from the WebLogic product. It seems that the ties to IBM are still very strong but technical support for WebSphere still lags and probably always will due to resource allocation. Support for WebSphere continues and WebSphere 7 will be supported with 8.98.3
  • Support for clustering. Denver still does not get that E1 customers have more than 50 concurrent users on web clients and they need application server clustering support as the standard and not an enhancement. Documentation is sorely lacking and Server Manager support for clustering is still a hack, even with WebLogic.

Denver continues to deliver strong tools releases and constant improvement. The strategy seems a little muddled and Oracle could do a better job of letting the community know where they are headed. However, I think they are doing a good job of delivering the goods.

Official 8.98.2 release notes are here:
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jstooge said...

I agree...IBM and SQL will always lack in improvements in the tool set. Just not enough resources...I've seen some major flaws with iSeries coordination in recent releases, and WebSphere integration in Server Manager is an absolute joke.

Will be excited to see what comments come back from those of you that attend the conference.


Glen said...

Isnt Oracle WebLogic 10.3.1 called Oracle AS 11g?
I found weblogic easier and faster to install and configure than both OAS 10g R2 & WAS 6 / 6.1.