Friday, July 2, 2010

Linux Deployment Server

Oracle likes Linux.  They also like their new Oracle VM product and Oracle VM Templates for EnterpriseOne.  What Oracle cannot (will not) do with VM is template the Deployment Server because Oracle cannot (will not) ship Windows with a VM template.  Their solution to this dilemma is likely a Linux-based Deployment Server that can be templated.

The Deployment Server is simply a file server - an easy role for Linux.  It also does some compiling and happens to have a database hanging around for some non-transactional storage.  As far as the database, Oracle solved the issue of dependence on an MSDE/SSE SQL Server database by allowing an Oracle database to be used as the Deployment Server's local database.  The rest should just be details.

Conversation with people in Denver nets this quote: "There may be plans within Oracle to make the Deployment Server multi-platform."  When asked if there was a Linux-based Deployment Server coming, they would not deny that there was.

Freer and freer, redder and redder.
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Anonymous said...

Drink the kool-aid! come over to the dark red side....

Jeff Stevenson said...

That you Gregg?

jstooge said...

This was in the works as far back as a year and a half ago. Oracle execs didn't want 9.0 to support anything other than the Oracle local DB on the deployment server, but relented due to the perceived customer backlash and the historic use of Access and MSDE on the DS. Not surprising at all...what is really surprising is the fact that the deployment server hasn't been obsoleted in it's entirety for the post 8.11 SP1 releases...Server manager should realistically be the tool that performs all technical functions...and it really doesn't require a dedicated server. In my humble opine...and why is Gregg anonymous? Gregg=Shy is like Government=Intelligent.

altquark said...

This will finally ensure that EnterpriseOne breaks out of the Microsoft Windows anchor - which, ultimately, will be a good thing.

In the long run, Linux is the way of the future. I said that to JDE back in 2001 - and was often ignored. The fact is that Oracle truly understands the potential of controlling the entire stack - both from performance and from a scalability perspective AND it delivers the best value for the end customer. With everything heading in that direction, they will ultimately be providing the best competition to SAP.