Thursday, September 9, 2010

EnterpriseOne Release Notes and Value Propositions

Occasionally I am asked: "What's new in the Tools Release?"

EnterpriseOne Tools and Application releases are major events, involving a huge amount of changes.  Given the pace of change, it's good to know what has changed from release to release.  When moving forward across multiple releases (Tools or App) it is essential to be able to communicate exactly what the changes are, since there will be many in this scenario.

I usually write up the Tools Major Releases and Tools Release Updates as I did with EnterpriseOne Tools Release 8.98.3 Notes Part 1, EnterpriseOne Tools Release 8.98.3 Notes Part 2 and EnterpriseOne Tools Release 8.98.3 Notes Part 3 but the official notes direct from Oracle can be had as well.

Tools Release Notes

For those who want Oracle's official Tools Release Notes the link below will be useful and the docs extend all the way back to Xe "Service Packs".  The documents include Statements of Direction, Value Propositions, API References, Best Practices Guides and the Release Notes themselves.  A real treasure trove of information concerning Tools Releases.

Application Release Notes

On the Application side there is no single page that gathers the documents for each release so I will just post the links to each document.  These are useful in helping explain what's new in the EnterpriseOne application itself.

Note: Value Propositions are more marketing/business while Release Notes tend to be technical.

9.0 Value Proposition:

8.12 Value Proposition:

8.11 SP1 Value Proposition:

8.11 Value Proposition:

9.0 Release Notes:

8.12 Release Notes:

8.11 SP1 Release Notes:

8.11 Release Notes:

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