Monday, September 22, 2008


Four years ago I created the website and have maintained it since then. At the time, Oracle was in the process of purchasing PeopleSoft, which contained the remnants of JD Edwards. JD Edwards employee relationships were fast fragmenting as people left for other endeavors.

The site had over 550 members and many used the site to get back in touch with long lost co-workers. I am very happy to have contributed and to have done my part to continue the JD Edwards tradition.

Although relevant and necessary four years ago it appears that the useful life of is coming to an end. Services like LinkedIn do a much better job of allowing former JD Edwards employees to stay in touch and this website offers no real value beyond that. I will be retiring at some point in 2009.

I encourage you to register at a social networking site like or and join the JD Edwards groups available there.

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